How to host static website on Godaddy Server

Here we are discussing about the hosting of static html website on godaddy linux server.

We will be discussing step by step process of hosting.

1. Login your godaddy account.

2. Then Go to the Web Hosting option and click Manage button, It will redirect you to the new page, with your primary domain.

3. Click cPanel Admin button, which will again redirect you to cpanel page.

4. Now click File Manager and look at the right side window, click Public_html, which will open new page/window.

5. Now If it is your first hosting or single hosting server, you have to click the upload button on top which will open a window to select the compressed code or zip file of the code, Now select the zip file and press Open button. Now wait untill 100% code gets upload. Once it shows 100 or complete option below the line. Close the window.

6. Refresh the File Manager Page, you will find your uploaded file here, Now select the file and click Extract button on right top corner.

And thats all, you are done with your first website deployment.

Open the browser and put your domain name and see your website  running.

We will be putting more blog for issues pertaining to the website hosting.

Thank you.